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About the Camp

Whenever we are asked how Rock 4 The Rock came about, we have to be honest and say that it was birthed out of a God given friendship and a passion for worship. We were both working as musicians and serving as worship leaders. For years, we noticed that many students were taking voice lessons, piano lessons, and guitar lessons, but we weren’t seeing these kids using their gifts in the local church. Several years ago, we began dreaming about a camp where kids could come together and learn how to use their gifts in a band setting. This concept was not new. We had seen various camps with this concept. But in our opinion what was missing was the training that comes distinguishing a “rock band” from a “worship band”.

“What I liked most about the rock camp was the time that I was able to spend with people that love music and want to use their talent in the same way I do, to worship God. I also enjoyed growing in the knowledge of how to lead people in worship.” – 8th Grader

“The Worship Band Camp helped me become a stronger vocalist and to put myself out on the stage. This extra boost of confidence has helped me on the worship band in my youth.” – 8th Grader

So in 2013, we kicked off the first Rock 4 The Rock Worship Band Camp. We created an environment where youth can hone their musical talents and learn to play in a band. However, they are also trained in the concept of worship and using their talents to point others to Jesus Christ. We chose instructors who are not only the best in their field, but have a passion for teaching and equipping this generation of worship leaders. We found church leaders who have partnered with our vision to train and equip servant leaders who will lead out local church congregations.

We hope that your family becomes part of our vision to see the youth of today equipped to lead in their bands, in their homes, in their schools, and in their churches. This vision was never about the directors, or about Rock 4 The Rock, or about the individual church. This vision is about all of us coming humbly together for a greater goal and a greater purpose: training and then handing over leadership to a new generation of worshipping musicians.